Directions by Train

Both Amtrak and the MBTA Commuter Rail stop at the Providence (PVD) Train Station, located at 100 Gaspee Street.

When traveling by MBTA Commuter Rail, the Providence/Stoughton line is the connection to Providence; you can buy a pass online. Note that Providence is in fare zone 8.

Walking from Providence Station

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Take the south exit from the train station (the one labeled "Downtown".) Turn left; the street in front of the station will curve right and become Park Row. Follow it downhill.

When the terrain levels out, you will cross a narrow river, immediately followed by a road (Canal St.) of one-way traffic going left-to-right. Cross this road and proceed to the next road (Main St.), which is one-way going right-to-left.

Turn right onto Main St. After a few blocks, on your left you will encounter a large white building surrounded by a green: the First Baptist Church.

The street right after it (Waterman St.) is one-way heading uphill. Turn left (uphill) onto it, and follow it through a slight jig at its intersection with Benefit Street (half-way up the hill).

After about four blocks you'll get to the intersection of Waterman and Thayer, with traffic lights and several commercial stores. To your right is the only 14-story building in the area, the Sciences Library. Immediately after it is a 5-story red and brown brick building, just before the intersection of Waterman and Brook. This building is the CIT, your destination.

Catch the Trolley

A RIPTA trolley route goes from Kennedy Plaza (near Providence Station) most of the way to the CIT. To get to Kennedy Plaza, take the south (labeled "Downtown") exit from the train station. Turn right; the street in front of the train station will curve right and become Exchange Street. Follow it about five blocks downhill to Kennedy Plaza. Then follow the directions on our RIPTA page.