Industrial Partners Program: Membership Levels

New members are being accepted at the Advertising level only. A waitlist is in place for all other levels.

Individuals - $500 donation/year

Memberships are available to individuals wanting exposure to a wide range of computer science research. Benefits at this level include:

  • Distribution of employment information to current students and alumni
  • Opportunities to conduct help sessions for students such as resume reviews and mock interviews
  • One invitation to all IPP sponsored events, including symposia
  • A subscription to Conduit

Join IPP at the Individuals level.

Advertising - $1,000 donation/year

Membership at this level gives companies access to the CS student population. Members at this level receive:

  • Unlimited distribution of event announcements and job descriptions
  • Event information is included in daily email blasts to entire CS population
  • Job descriptions are sent out to entire CS student population daily as well as twice on deadline day
  • Membership at this level does not permit use of event space in the CIT

Start-Up/Small Company - $3,750 donation/year

Membership at this level is designed for start-up companies that would like exposure to our research, faculty, and students. Membership companies at this level have generally been in business for three years or less or have 30 or fewer employees. Members at this level receive:

  • Two invitations to the fall and spring IPP Symposia
  • Distribution of employment notices
  • Invitations to Computer Science seminars and colloquia. Members are included on the mailing list for the wide-ranging talks and seminars held in the Department
  • Subscription and acknowledgment in Conduit
  • One info session or tech talk per academic year (not including food/beverage)
  • Advertising for above talk

Join IPP at the Start-Up level.

Affiliates - $12,500 donation/year

The Affiliates level increases exposure to our faculty and students. Members at this level receive:

  • Unlimited number of info sessions/tech talks/help sessions including advertising and event coordination (food/beverage included for one event per semester)
  • Counseling on recruiting strategy
  • Use of interview rooms
  • A guaranteed place at Brown's spring and fall Career Fairs; fees are waived for the spring event
  • Specialized job announcements via targeted email, campus mail, and posters
  • Employment and internship opportunities are also coordinated with Brown's Career Development Center. The Department works closely with Affiliates to identify highly talented and motivated students for internships and full-time employment
  • Access to our alumni base. Partner companies are encouraged to submit mid-level and/or senior-level opening to our internally controlled CS alumni network group
  • Opportunities to present current research, issues or trends at the IPP Symposia
  • Four invitations to the fall and spring IPP Symposia
  • Access to faculty members on a case by case basis

Join IPP at the Affiliates level.

Introductory Affiliates - $5,000 donation

This level provides a company with the chance to try out an Affiliates-level membership in the IPP for one semester before committing to a full-year of services. The Introductory Level is only available to a particular company once.

Join IPP at the Introductory Affiliates level.

Affliates Plus - $14,000 donation/year

All affiliates level benefits plus unlimited interview coordination for full academic year.

Join IPP at the Affiliates Plus level.

Premier - $25,000 donation/year

The Premier Partner level brings privileged access to our faculty and students. Members at this level receive:

  • Unlimited number of attendees at IPP symposia
  • Invitations to present specialized technical talks, providing Partners occasions to showcase their research or development projects. Undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty are invited to these seminars
  • Specialized recruiting and information events in the Department. The Department works with companies to reach their desired target audience as effectively as possible, often in cooperation with Brown's Career Development Center and other academic Departments
  • Match-making between Partners and research projects, faculty, and students
  • Availability of faculty to give talks on their research interests at Partner sites

Join IPP at the Premier level.

Individual Services

*Non-profits receive 20% off job description circulation