Computer Systems and Software

Machine Room

The department maintains a computing infrastructure that is separate from the rest of the University. Department computing systems support all of our administrative, research and educational needs. The technical staff administers these systems and provides support services to the computer science community.

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Getting Started

    New Users
    How to get started using the systems.

Health and Safety

System Services

    New accounts. Account expiration. Default configuration. Security.
    Backups and Restores
    Backup schedule. Getting files restored. CD creation.
    Disk Space
    Limits. Getting space for projects. Special requests.
    Getting Software
    How to get software that is not already available.

Teaching and Research

System Specs

    Information about our computing hardware, including desktops, servers, printers, and the compute cluster (grid).
    Operating systems and other software we use.
    The Network
    The CS Dept network topology and specs.

Policies and Legal Issues

    Formal CS Dept policies.
    Who should sign this agreement? Commercial licensing of Brown software.
    Who owns my software? What copyright should/can I use?

Help and Support

Network Services

    Postgresql database services for internal use only.
    Using email. Mailing lists.
    Getting access to the anonymous FTP archive.
    Automated file synchronization mechanism.
    Remote Desktop Cluster for linux users
    Windows Remote Desktop servers providing linux users to limited Windows apps i.e. MS Office, Acrobat Pro.
    Roaming Profiles
    How they work and tips/tricks to improve their performance.
    The Web
    Your home page. Setting up a new section of the web. Using CGI commands. Privacy and security.
    Remote Access
    Connecting to the department from campus and outside Brown.
    Local Access
    How to obtain a network connection in the CS Department. Connecting to the local wireless network.