Database Services

Our postgresql database services are provided by redundant and highly available clusters running pgpool. The users connect to a database proxy server, which in turn interacts with the backend database server cluster. All databases are periodically dumped and stored on our central file services.

Database Accounts and Authentication

All CS Department users have access to our database using their logname and LDAP password. All users can create new databases.

Databases may be created by any of our users for either research or course work.

Alternate Password

Users may request an alternate database password. This is recommended if your project requires that you embed a database password in your code.

Creating a Database

To create a new database, log into to our database server
and the database
and issue an SQL statement such as
   create database mydb;
Then connect to your new database "mydb"
   \c mydb

Getting Help

Postgresql has built-in help information. For "meta" commands (such as \c), issue the command

For help with SQL syntax, use

Visit the postgresql website for more extensive documentation.

Deleting a Database

To remove a database when you no longer need it, issue an SQL statement such as

   drop database mydb;