Course Information


Course CS0931, Fall 2011
Instructors Thomas Doeppner
John 'Spike' Hughes
Shriram Krishnamurthi
Steven Reiss
Kefei Lei
Lecture CIT 269 TTh 2:30-3:50 (K)
TA Hours Sunday 7pm-9pm MS Lab (Dylan)
Monday 7pm-9pm MS Lab (Kefei)
Tuesday 7pm-9pm MS Lab (Debbie)
Wednesday 8pm - 10pm CIT 267 (Gabby)
TAs Dylan Field
Maria 'Gabby' Suarez
Debbie Lai

In today's world, it has become increasingly important for researchers in almost every field and professionals in almost every industry to be computer and programming literate.

Whether you know a little bit about programming and are eager to learn more or you've never programmed before, don't worry, we're here to help. CSCI 0931 is an introductory computer science course specifically developed for concentrators in the humanities and social sciences. Because of this, we'll be focusing on real world applications rather than computer science theory. There are no prerequisites, though some experience with Excel will help. Students from all fields are welcome.

The course will be very hands-on and cover a variety of topics that will ultimately allow you to:

  • Practice solving real world problems by learning to use new tools and applying familiar ones - like Excel - in new ways
  • Gather data from the web
  • Learn about and create algorithms that analyze large amounts of data
  • Create web-based interfaces
  • Become proficient in a scripting language
Prerequisites none


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The expected coursework will be a mixture of homeworks, and projects. The course projects will be drawn from current problems that researchers in the humanities and social sciences are tackling. Examples of such problems are:

  • Analyzing voting blocs in the Senate
  • Performing a textual analysis to study the usage of proper nouns in American novels
  • Using data from twitter to find out people's opinions about different brands and visualize our findings on Google Earth

While we expect the course to be engaging, this is not your typical computer science course and you won't waste away in the sunlab.


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