What will we use?

We will use DrScheme, a programming environment for the Scheme programming language. DrScheme is available for free from the Web. Because the course material will rely specifically on DrScheme, you cannot use any other Scheme system without the explicit permission of the instructor.

Where can I get the course software configuration?

Get version 103 from the DrScheme Web Site. Then install the file cs173.plt according to these directions.

Warning: For somewhat complex reasons, there is a slight difference between the installation on CS and the one you will get at home. On CS, you will have rational names for primitive functions, such as first and rest, and for values, such as empty. You do not get these defined by installing the above .plt file, so you'll have to use Scheme's quirkier names and syntax such as car, cdr and '() respectively. Sorry; this will be fixed for the next DrScheme release, but that doesn't help you now. If you want to get the latest version of DrScheme via CVS, though, you can access the changes needed to load these primitives.