When does it meet?

MWF, 11:00—11:50am.

Where does it meet?

CIT 506.

What are the prerequisites?

The official prerequisites are cs22 and cs31. If you do not satisfy these, please speak with the instructor.

Who are the course staff?

We have a separate Web page about that.

How about texts?

Separate page.

How will you determine my grade?

We will assess your performance through several means:

Midterm and Final Exams
What you think. The final is cumulative (though weighted in favor of later topics).
Expect about ten programming assignments in the semester. This portion of your grade covers those programs not graded in codewalks.
We will grade two or three of your programs in person, in the form of a codewalk. We will provide more information about codewalks as the semester progresses.
You must write two to three brief essays, each no more than about a page in length. Language matters.
You will design one or two little programming languages. These are staged, extended exercises, so you will receive feedback several times during the exercise.
We will weight these instruments as follows:
Midterm exam20%
Final exam20%
Regular attendance and productive classroom participation may slightly ameliorate some weaknesses elsewhere; the converse is also true.

How do I keep track of requirements (assignments, etc.)?

You must read the course newsgroup, which is available as a link from the course home page. You are responsible for everything that appears there.

What if I'm late on an assignment?

Please — don't be. If there is a danger you might turn something in late (or not at all!), talk to the instructor beforehand. We can be reasonable, especially if you speak with us in advance.

If you don't give us advance warning, we won't feel very kindly inclined toward you. Every 24 hour period or part thereof by which the assignment is delayed will result in one penalty unit. The net grade for any assignment is defined by

  (define (net-grade gross-grade number-of-penalty-units)
    (* gross-grade (expt 0.9 number-of-penalty-units)))
Given the penalty structure, if an assignment is due at 11am, your penalty is the same whether you turn it in at 11:01am the same day or at 10:59am the next morning. So if you're late, relax, attend class, and submit something polished later in the day.

Don't make us have to use this formula on non-zero numbers of penalty units. Scheme was designed to compute greater things.