Mystery Map

I'm a big fan of subways and of subway maps. Hence they form the basis for our little contest.

It's really very simple. Every-so-often I'll put a new map in place. You need to guess which city it's from. When you think you have it, you drop me a note, giving your reasoning. The winner will depend on a combination of speedy response and clever reasoning.

To win, you could, of course, just do a quick Web search. Or you could hunt around the lovely metroPlanet site, where I got almost all these maps. But that's lame. In each case, I picked a map because something significant — history, geography, politics, architecture ... — is in the names on the map, so you could guess it from the map alone. Often, appropriately enough, there's some interesting linguistic twist that alone suffices (though these are often far from obvious).

Prizes? Hmm. My current running favorite is that you'll have a variable in lecture named after you. I'm open to other ideas.

Here's the small version of the current contest. Click on it to get to the full version.

[mystery map]

Past puzzles: Frankfurt - Milano

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