cs173: Assignments

Assignments are always due at 2:00 AM on the listed date. After 2am your submission will be considered late, so you may as well take an extra day to turn it in. The syllabus lists the late policy.

Why 2am? Because we want you to attend class and to be reasonably alert when you do so. Past experience indicates that making assignments due at the start of class leads to a largely somnambulist audience that day. Those classes are fun for neither the student nor the professor.

For essays, you should turn in a hard copy to the 173 handin bin in CIT 242. (To get there from the second-floor elevators, walk down the hall toward Brook St and make a left. Room 242 is on the left.)

For programming assignments, you should use the electronic handin program. From the directory containing the files for the assignment you wish to hand in, type:

/course/cs173/bin/cs173_handin asgn-name

where asgn-name is given in the table below.


NumberHanded outDraft dueFinal due
1Sep 10Sep 18Oct 2
2Oct 7Oct 21Nov 8
3Nov 15Nov 20Dec 2


NumberHanded outDueasgn-name
1Sep 16Sep 23asgn1
2Sep 23Sep 30asgn2
3Oct 3Oct 9asgn3
4Oct 29Nov 4asgn4
5Nov 7Nov 15asgn5
6Nov 16Nov 25asgn6
7Nov 27Dec 6asgn7