cs173: Software

This course will depend on the DrScheme implementation of Scheme. Even if you have used other Scheme systems before, you will have to use this one here. Please acquaint yourself with it and, if you're learning to program in Scheme, do yourself a favor and use DrScheme.

To run DrScheme on the CS Linux machines, run /pro/plt/plt/Linux_unknown/stable/plt/bin/drscheme, or set these environment variables in your shell:

  • export PLTHOME=/pro/plt/plt/`uname -s`_`uname -p`/stable/plt
  • export PATH=$PLTHOME/bin:$PATH

To run DrScheme at home:

To install cs173.plt under MacOS, download the package and run the following:

sudo '/Applications/PLT v202/bin/setup-plt' cs173.plt

in the directory with the cs173.plt file.