Gradebook Requirements Exercise

Your job is to create use-cases for a departmental gradebook application, which can be used by students, professors, and TAs to view and enter grades. The high-level requirements of this system are given below.

Before class on Monday, please work through the requirements on your own, and come prepared with a list of actors. In class, we will quickly identify all the actors in the system, then break into groups to identify scenarios and create use-cases. There is no written work to turn in, but please be prepared for Monday's discussion.

As you consider this system, pay particular attention to unusual scenarios and corner cases. In class, we will try to work through the obvious scenarios quickly in order to devote more time to the tricky ones.


The gradebook will record grades for a single department, and allow professors, teaching assistants, and students to view them. It should be accessible from any computer through a web interface, but must protect the privacy of students' grades by preventing unauthorized access.

Students can use the system to view their own grades. They can see grades for individual assignments in their current courses, and their final grades in courses they have taken in past semesters.

Professors can enter grades for their own courses, and view final grades for any student in any class in the department. Professors can also designate students as teaching assistants for their courses.

Designated teaching assistants have limited to the grades for the course they are TAing. They can view and submit grades for individual assignments. Undergraduate TAs cannot change grades once they have been entered, but graduate TAs can. Only professors can enter final course grades.

The system should keep records whenever a grade is entered or changed, so that administrators can identify the user responsible for each change, and can undo changes if necessary.


Please post questions on this assignment directly to the newsgroup.