Orbitz Scenarios

JS buys flight tickets with to multiple cities.
1. go to the multi-city ticket search form
2. search for a ticket
3. make a reservation
4. enter payment info
5. get confirmation

CHeck Flight Status:

User clicks on link to travel watch page
User selects an airline, flight number and day
Flight found
User directed to page showing status of flight

SCENARIO: John Smith #2 tries to rent car, but is only 19
search for ticket
while doing that, sees ads
makes reservation
creates new acct.
recieves buy-up for car
requests car
submits payment


John Smith attempts to purchase a ticket under the identity of Brock Landers:
-JS searches for the desired flight
-adds are displayed
-JS browses the options and picks the airline and price he wants
-JS is prompted to create an account and does so using all Brock Lander's
-JS is then prompted to enter his payment info and he uses Brock Landers' credit
-Orbitz attempts to verify the credit card with his credit card company but the
responds that the card has been reported stolen
-There is some further communication between Orbitz and the credit card company
Orbitz logs JS' IP address)
-Orbitz denies JS' payment and does not purchase the tickets

        John Smith needs 2 seats (because he's too fat)

	Search for 2 adults with the same name
	Display ads on the screen (money for Orbitz)
	Choose seat preference
	Choose meal preference (critical for someone who is fat)
	Create 1 account
	Submit a reservation
	Submit payment
	Issue 2 tickets

J.S. searches for a ticket without specifying a destination
- J.S. fills out search form without specifying a destination, and submits it
- The system reacts to the error by asking J.S. to specify his
  - The information already entered is saved, and the search is performed

Shriram tries to find bugs in Orbitz
* goes to site
* selects departure and arrival cities
* selects particular flight
* elects to reserve a hotel
* selects hotel
* opens a new browser window
* selects a different hotel
* switches to original browser window
* elects to make purchase
* verification page shows different hotel instead of original hotel

Scenario: Bob Can't Make Up His Mind
Bob searches for a flight from Boston to LA.
He gets a list of available flights and hotel listings, and chooses one.
He then decides to rent a car for his stay there, and selects one from the list
presented to him.

He then decides he doesn't want this airline, and hits his browser's back
button until he gets back to the list.
Again he selects a hotel and flight.
After selecting a car, he declines insurance for the trip.
After reviewing his choices, he doesn't like the car he picked, and so hits
back again to choose a new one.
The system is not attempting to preserve state over pushes of the back button,
and so again prompts him about whether or not he wants insurance. This time he does
not decline it.
He logs into the system, and is prompted to confirm his choices.
He does so, sending his account's billing information, and his
reservations are made.

scenario: J.S. submits payment and hits the back button.
search for ticket
make reservation
create a new account
submit payment
hit the back button in browser
get page expired
call customer service
customer service verifies payment
ask if he can undo the payment
non-refundable ticket

Customer wants to bring dog

1. Searches for flight
2. Gets page listing airlines offering flight
3. Clicks link to an airline's own website to view its policy

John Smith wants to buy a ticket for him in first class and his 2 sons in
 John Smith selects options to change his class to first class
 John Smith searches for a flight
 John Smith reserves a flight
 John Smith submits payment information
 Payment information is Verified
 Ticket is issued to John Smith
 John Smith returns to Main page
 John Smith selects options for 2 adults in economy and enters his sons as
 John Smith selects the airline and date of his plane as search options
 John Smith searches for a flight
 John Smith selects the same flight as his
 John Smith reserves a two tickets
 John Smith submits payment information
 Payment information is Verified
 2 Tickets are issued to John Smith for his Sons.

I will work on a scenario in which a member needs to change his  account/credit
card information

J.S. logs in
J.S. selects to change account information
J.S. fills in new info
verification page
J.S.'s info updated

Someone logs onto to Orbitz.com and accidentally purchases flight tickets for the
wrong flight.  
 1.) Searches for flight from home page.
 2.) Finds listing of multiple flights that match search criteria.
 3.) Accidently chooses a flight with departure time or perhaps connection
 characteristics that she does not actually want.
 4.) Proceeds to payment of ticket, somehow still missing the fact that the
 flight is incorrect.
 5.) Authorizes credit card charge and receives confirmation of ticket purchase
 via email.
 6.) Notices on email recipt that flight is incorrect.

Flight is delayed; user has signed up for telephone notification

1) John Smith purchases a ticket from San Jose to Providence through Chicago and
lists Jane Smith's phone number as a contact
2) Because of bad weather in Chicago, airline delays flight from San Jose to
Chicago and informs Orbitz
3) Orbitz places an automated phone call to Jane Smith to inform her of the
change, mentioning the flight airline and number, original departure time,
original arrival time, new departure time, and new arrival time
4) Airline delays flight two more times and repeats steps 2 and 3 twice
5) Airline delays flight from Chicago to Providence twice and informs Orbitz
twice; Orbitz repeats step 3 twice

J.S. attempts to sign in but has forgotten his password
 -> he clicks on the link to be issued a new one
 -> his old password is deleted and he is emailed a temporary in an email to
  the address attached to his login  
 -> in the process his billing info is
  deleted by orbitz for his own security  
 -> he re-enters his billing info and
  reserves and purchases a flight

Title: 2-for-1 Special on United Airlines

1) United Airlines contacts Orbitz requesting that their temporary 2-for-1
Special on selected American domestic flights purchased 20 days in advance be

2) Orbitz emails all non-opt-out customers with American addresses about the
deal.  The email includes a link to search for such flights.

3) Customer John Smith clicks on the link included in the email he has received.

3.5) Information about John's clicking the link is recorded by Orbitz for
targeting advertisements in the future.

4) The link brings John Smith to a special page advertising the deal with a
login box.

5) John Smith logs in with his old user name and password. 
6) John Smith searches for a round trip ticket from Providence to Chicago among available flights.
7) John Smith clicks on the first flight listed among those returned. 8) John Smith re-affirms desire to purchase ticket and submits. (no need to re-enter credit card information.)