Team Membership Evaluation

This is an individual, not team, assignment.

Your Task

About two weeks ago, one team lost a team member while the other team gained done. (I'm referring to the forcible transfer, not the student who dropped.) We want you to reflect on this process. Think back and ask, what did you expect would be the effect of losing/gaining a person? And then, what was the actual outcome? Did you gain any generalizable knowledge from this experience (if so what, and why are you generalizing it?). If you are the person who got moved, write about your expectations on both sides.

It can be a bit uncomfortable writing this because any negative statements may sound like a criticism of the particular person who moved. Don't worry: we won't interpret them that way (unless you expressly tell us to!). We will assume that even if you refer to a person by name, you're really referring to their role, not them as individuals.

You must submit your write-up in plain text by 10pm on Sunday, March 15. You can use prose or bullet-points or both, at your discretion. Maximum one page.