CSCI 1900: Software System Design

Spring 2010

Course Staff

Shriram Krishnamurthi
Spiros Eliopoulos
Andrew Oates


Assigning Blame Exercise

Requirements Exercise (requirements how-to)

IP Statement


The class meets MWF 10-11 in CIT 368.


cs190 is not a course that easily lends itself to shopping. Unlike in most regular courses, what you see and do at the beginning of the semester will qualitatively be very different from that later into the term. In addition, we need to form groups soon, and get started on the course projects.


Because software engineering texts are uniformly amongst the most boring writings in all of human literary output, we won't have a text for this course. (The sole exception I've found is the first edition (2000) of Bernd Bruegge and Allen Dutoit's Object-Oriented Software Engineering.) We'll read specific articles as necessary.