(Formerly CS128 )

Intermediate 3D Computer Animation

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Location: CIT 316
Meeting Time: WF 12:00-1:50
Exam Group: 05: 05/15/17 at 2:00 PM
Semester: 2 (Spring)
Offered This Year?  Yes
When Offered? Most Years


CSCI1280 continues work begun in CSCI1250 with deeper exploration of the core technical and artistic aspects of 3D computer animation. In the first portion of the course, students complete a series of tutorials and animation assignments in which they learn more complex modeling, character rigging, animation, shading, lighting, and dynamics techniques. Then, students independently explore one area in more depth and create a portfolio-quality demonstration, alone or in pairs. We read and discuss technical texts as well as works on artistic motivation and view related animated films. The emphasis of class time will be on critiquing ongoing student work. Prerequisite: CSCI1250. Enrollment limited to 20. Written permission required.

CRN: 25124