(Formerly CS195-G )

Computational Photography

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Computational Photography describes the convergence of computer graphics and computer vision with photography. Its goal is to overcome the limitations of traditional photography using computational techniques to enhance the way we capture, manipulate, and interact with visual media.

We will cover topics such as cameras, human visual perception, image processing and manipulation, image based lighting and rendering, high dynamic range, single view reconstruction, photo quality assessment, non photorealistic rendering, the use of Internet-scale data, and many more topics. The course will consist of several programming assignments and a final project. Students are encouraged to capture and process their own data. Students can earn graduate credit for the course but will need to meet higher requirements on all projects throughout the semester and need the instructor's permission.

This course requires programming experience as well as basic linear algebra, calculus, and probability. Previous knowledge of computer graphics or computer vision will be helpful.

****course is now offered as csci 1290****