If you graduate in May 2008

Revision: Feb 19, 2008
Instructions from previous years: 2007

Students completing theses

The Grad school deadline is May 1. More information and forms are available on the Graduate School website.

Students completing projects

The department deadline is May 15. You must notify Lauren Clarke and your advisor must confirm that the project is satisfactory by this date or you will not graduate. An electronic pdf of the final paper should also be submitted. The department does not require special paper or format. The paper should have a cover sheet with the title, etc.

Examples of projects and theses

See this website for past examples of projects and theses.

Master's Contract

Finally, you must have an accurate Master's contract on file with Lauren Clarke. To meet the Basic Requirements, students must take six courses, of which two must form a coherent major. Of the four remaining courses, one must be a complement to the coherent major. A list of the courses that can be taken to form a major or to complement the major can be found here on the CS website. None of the courses taken for the Basic Requirements can be a Reading and Research course; two of the courses must be at the 2000-level and none of the courses can be below the 1000-level.

To meet the Advanced Requirements, students have the choice of doing: a thesis, a project, a project and a full-time (2-4 months) internship, a project and a part-time (4-6 months) internship, or extra coursework. Internships will normally be completed between the student's 2nd and 3rd semesters. Students completing the coursework option must take two 2000-level courses in CS or a related area and must have their courses approved by the Master's Chair. Reading & Research courses will not count toward completing the coursework option. Grades must be B or better.

Contact Person

Lauren Clarke (lkc)