Aggeliki Tsoli

Ph.D. Candidate
Brown University

About me

Welcome to my homepage! I am currently at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems doing my Phd with professor Michael Black. My research is on shape matching of 3D non-rigid articulated objects.


D. A. Hirshberg, M. Loper, E. Rachlin, A. Tsoli, A. Weiss, B. Corner, and M. J. Black. Evaluating the Automated Alignment of 3D Human Body Scans. In 2nd International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, October 2011.

A. Tsoli, and M. J. Black. Shape- and Pose-invariant Correspondences using Probabilistic Geodesic Surface Embedding. In 33rd Annual Symposium of the German Association for Pattern Recognition (DAGM 2011), Frankfurt, Germany, September 2011.

A. Tsoli, and O. C. Jenkins. Neighborhood denoising for learning high-dimensional grasping manifolds. In International Conference on Intelligent RObots and Systems (IROS 2008), Nice, France, September 2008.

A. Tsoli, and O. C. Jenkins. Robot grasping for prosthetic applications. In 13th International Symposium of Robotics Research (ISRR 2007), Hiroshima, Japan, November 2007.
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A. Tsoli, and O. C. Jenkins. Cursor-controlled prosthetic grasping from 2D subspaces. In MAIA Workshop 'BCI Meets Robotics: Challenging Issues in Brain-Computer Interaction and Shared Control', Leuven, Belgium, November 2007.
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A. Tsoli, and O. C. Jenkins. 2D subspaces for user-driven robot grasping. In RSS 2007 workshop on Robot Manipulation: Sensing and Adapting to the Real World, Atlanta, GA, USA, June 2007.
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M. Kostandov, J. Schwertfeger, O. C. Jenkins, R. Jianu, M. Buller, D. Hartmann, M. Loper, A. Tsoli, M. Vondrak, W. Zhou, and M. Fiala. Robot Gaming and Learning using Augmented Reality. In ACM SIGGRAPH 2007 Poster Compendium, San Diego, CA, USA, August 2007.
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