Olga (Оля) Ohrimenko



Ph.D. Computer Science

Brown University

with Roberto Tamassia


Masters in Computer Science

Brown University


Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)

Melbourne University


Work experience:

Fall 2012: IBM Research Zurich

With Christian Cachin in Security group

Summer 2012: Microsoft Research Redmond

With Seny Kamara in Crypto group

Summer 2010: Google NY. Search Infrastructure team

Summer 2009: Google CA. AdSense team

Jan-Aug/2008: Optiver Australia


Grad TA:


  • Current: Spanish 103
  • ¡Vamos Rafa and Chelsea!
  • SF'09, NH'11 half marathons
  • Home sweet home: Bishkek


olya at cs brown edu

CIT office 545

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New: In January 2014 I joined Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK as a postdoc. New page.


I am interested in security and data privacy in cloud computing. I am currently working on privacy-preserving access to remote data storage, verification of outsourced computation and data integrity protocols.

Oblivious Access to Outsourced Storage:

Authentication of Search Results:

In theory:

My Honors project was in Constraint Programming and I was lucky to be advised by Peter Stuckey:

In 2006 I was an RA in Aaron Harwood's peer-to-peer group: