CS231: Human Factors and User Interface Design

Fall 2000

H-hour (9-10:20 TTh), CIT 506

Steven P. Reiss


This year's topic will be Next-Generation Application User Interfaces .


Motif is over ten years old. MFC and the Macintosh toolbox are as well. AWT is poorly designed and Swing isn't all that much better. Writing code for and interacting with any of these packages is often an unpleasant (and sometimes painful) experience. Yet we continue to write applications for personal computers and workstations. What will the user interface look like and how will it be implemented on such applications in the next 5-15 years?

This is the theme of the course. In particular, the course will explore various alternatives to these existing packages and attempt to develop a prototype of what the interface package should be.

Directions to Consider

There are several possibilities that we might want to consider (by no means inclusive):


The class will break into teams and each team will be responsible for exploring one or more of these or other alternatives. This exploration will include readings, presentations, and the development of a prototype user interface package along with one or more sample applications that demonstrate the new technology.