I am a technical staff member at MIT's Lincoln Lab researching visual analytics for cybersecurity. I am interested in building and evaluating tools that augment human reasoning about complex data. My other interests include decision-support tools, automated and semi-automated decision systems, crowdsourcing, behavioral science, and design.

I recently finished my PhD at Brown University in computer science and data visualization under the supervision of David H. Laidlaw. I received a ScM degree from Brown in computer science in 2011. Before coming to Brown, I was a software engineer in New Hampshire. In 2007, I received a BA in computer science from Dartmouth College.


  • Hua Guo presented our work on insights/interaction logs at IEEE VAST in Chicago (Oct '15)
    • Received a Best Paper Honorable Mention award for our VAST paper!
  • BostonVIS Workshop at Tufts VALT (Oct '15)
  • Joined the Technical Staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory (Oct '15)
  • Thesis defense at Brown CS (Aug '15)
  • Mobile-friendly website redesign based on my old page (Feb '15)
  • Seminar at MIT Lincoln Laboratory (Feb '15)
  • On the CHI 2015 Works-in-Progress (WiP) PC (Jan '15)
  • Talk at IEEE VAST 2014 in Paris (Nov '14)
  • Talk at Tufts, Inaugural Boston VIS (BostonVIS) Workshop 2014, (Oct '14)


  • Fall 2014:

    I was the teaching assistant for an upper-level course at Brown, CSCI 2370: Interdisciplinary Scientific Visualization.

  • Spring 2014:

    I was a Teaching Fellow and the instructor of CSCI 0931: Introduction to Computation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. I taught 20 undergraduates without programming experience how to use Python and Excel to formulate and test claims about data. In the course, students are introduced to data structures, functions, control flow, file i/o, and more. The course is also unique as an introduction to programming because it lets students choose their own projects. Student project pages are online but might require permission or a @brown.edu account to view. In-class labs include creating a ranking of U.S. senators from left-leaning to right-leaning based on public voting records, and identifying authorship using a textual analysis of the Oz book series (available on gutenberg.org).

  • Fall 2012:

    I was the teaching assistant for CSCI 2370: Interdisciplinary Scientific Visualization.


  • 2013:

    Student member of the Brown CS PhD admissions committee

  • 2010-11:

    CS department social czar, in charge of getting grad students out of their offices every month

  • 2010:

    CS department orientation czar, in charge of organizing research talks, panels, activities, and technical accommodations for new grad students


A Case Study Using Visualization Interaction Logs and Insight Metrics to Understand How Analysts Arrive at Insights
IEEE VAST, 2015, Honorable Mention Award
Hua Guo, Steven R. Gomez, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, David H. Laidlaw
An Insight- and Task-based Methodology for Evaluating Spatiotemporal Visual Analytics
Steven R. Gomez, Hua Guo, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, and David H. Laidlaw
pdf video
Different Strokes for Different Folks: Visual Presentation Design Between Disciplines
IEEE InfoVis, 2012
Steven R. Gomez, Radu Jianu, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, Hua Guo, and David H. Laidlaw
Modeling Task Performance for a Crowd of Users from Interaction Histories
ACM CHI, 2012, Honorable Mention Award
Steven R. Gomez and David H. Laidlaw
Analysis Within and Between Graphs: Observed User Strategies in Immunobiology Visualization
ACM CHI, 2012
Caroline Ziemkiewicz, Steven Gomez, and David H. Laidlaw
A Fiducial-Based Tangible User Interface for White Matter Tractography
ISVC'10, 2010
Steven R. Gomez, Radu Jianu, and David H. Laidlaw
Blues for Gary: Design Abstractions for a Jazz Improvisation Assistant
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 193 (Nov. 2007), 47-60
Bob Keller, Martin Hunt, Stephen Jones, David Morrison, Aaron Wolin, and Steven Gomez

Extended Abstracts and Posters

Visualization to Facilitate Structured Exploration of Published Findings in Rat Brain Connectivity
IEEE InfoVis (Poster session), 2013
Hua Guo, Steven R. Gomez, Mark J. Schnitzer, and David H. Laidlaw
Toward a visual interface for brain connectivity analysis
ACM CHI: Extended Abstracts, 2013
Hua Guo, Arthur Yidi, Steven R. Gomez, Mark J. Schnitzer, David Badre, and David H. Laidlaw
Modeling Human Performance from Visualization Interaction Histories
IEEE InfoVis (Poster session), 2011, Honorable Mention Award
Steven R. Gomez and David H. Laidlaw
Interacting with Live Preview Frames: In-Picture Cues for a Digital Camera Interface
ACM UIST (Poster Session), 2010
Steven R. Gomez

Resources for Young Scientists

  • How to Give a Great SIGGRAPH Talk. (pdf)
  • Manuel Blum, Advice to a Beginning Grad Student. (html)
  • Mark Leone, Advice on Research and Writing (mostly aimed at computer scientists). (html)
  • John Woodwark, How to Run a Paper Mill. (pdf)


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