I am a second year Master student in Computer Science at Brown . My interest lies in Data Driven Vision and Graphics , Machine Learning and Data Science. I also like Web-development, Python programming and Photography.

Last summer (2013) I did internship at this cool company called Body Labs . They create body models from laser scans, kinect scans as well as from body measurements. I worked with kinect scans to generate body models. I also designed and developed code to run multiple fitting jobs on many computing instances parallelly on cloud (Amazon Web Services). That was a great learning experience.

I am currently working with James Hays on a research project Sketch 2 Real : A sketch based object insertion system.

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Sketch 2 Real : A sketch based object insertion system.

Sketch2Real is a system for inserting new objects into existing photograph by simply drawing the sketches of the objects on the photograph. The idea is to free the user from searching through a large number of objects to find a potential object to be inserted into the photo-graph. Our system provides an interface to select an image to modify and tools to draw a sketch on the image. The user is allowed to draw sketch of objects and the system recognizes the sketch as belonging to a particular object category. It retrieves a few best matching object images based on the shape by searching into the object database for that category. The retrieved objects are then filtered based on the illumination with respect to the background image; the resulting objects are seamlessly blended in the photograph thus making photos more interesting. We compare different algorithms used for shape matching and two different object databases for finding the potential objects.


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