PhD Theses


Aguiar, Derek
Genome-wide algorithms for haplotype assembly, haplotype phasing, and IBD inference
Sorin Istrail, advisor
Eisenstat, David
Toward Practical Planar Graph Algorithms
• Claire Mathieu
Ohrimenko, Olga
Data-Oblivious Algorithms for Privacy-Preserving Access to Cloud Storage
Roberto Tamassia
Pavlo, Andrew
On Scalable Transaction Execution in Partitioned Main Memory Database Management Systems
Stan Zdonik
Tsoli, Aggeliki
Modeling the Human Body in 3D: Data Registration and Human Shape Representation
Michael Black


Backman, Nathan
C-MR: Continuous Execution of MapReduce Workflows for Stream Processing
Ugur Cetintemel
Demiralp, Cagatay
Computational Brain Connectivity Using Diffusion MRI
David Laidlaw
Duggan, Jennie
Query Performance Prediction for Analytical Workloads
Ugur Cetintemel
Guan, Peng
Virtual Human Bodies with Clothing and Hair: From Images to Animation
Michael Black
Mozes, Shay
Efficient Algorithms for Shortest-Path and Maximum-Flow Problems in Planar Graphs
Philip Klein
Ritz, Anna
Algorithms for Identifying Structural Variants in Human Genomes
Benjamin Raphael
Sun, Deqing
From Pixels to Layers: Joint Motion Estimation and Segmentation
Michael Black
Vondrak, Marek
Physically Plausible Human Pose and Control Estimation from Video
Chad Jenkins
Zhou, Wenjin
In-vivo Microstructural and Anatomical Analysis of Brain White Matter from Diffusion MRI
David Laidlaw


Akdere, Mert
Supporting and Leveraging Prediction Models
Ugur Cetintemel
Coffrin, Carleton
Decision Support for Disaster Management Through Hybrid Optimization
Pascal Van Hentenryck
Guha, Arjun
Semantics and Types for Safe Web Programming
Shriram Krishnamurthi
Headden, William
Unsupervised Bayesian Lexicalized Dependency Grammar Induction
• Mark Johnson
Jianu, Radu
Improved Scientific Analysis through Domain Driven Visualization and Support for Analytic Deliberation
David Laidlaw
Kadioglu, Serdar
Efficient Search Procedures for Solving Combinatorial Problems
Meinolf Sellmann
Kimura, Hideaki
Correlation-Aware Optimizations for Analytic Databases
Stan Zdonik
Malitsky, Yuri
Instance-Specific Algorithm Configuration
Meinolf Sellmann
Mao, Jie
Supporting Complex Tasks in Visual Sensor Networks
John Jannotti
Schudy, Warren
Approximation Schemes for Inferring Rankings and Clusterings from Pairwise Data
• Claire Mathieu
Tarpine, Ryan
A database of causality-inferred structure-function information for genomic cis-regulatory architecture
Sorin Istrail


Das, Aparna
Approximation Schemes for Euclidean Vehicle Routing Problems
• Claire Mathieu
Elsner, Micha
Generalizing Local Coherence Modeling
Eugene Charniak
Erway, C. Chris
Anonymous Accounting for Decentralized Systems
John Jannotti
Kahn, Crystal
Algorithms for Analyzing Human Genome Rearrangements
Benjamin Raphael
Pamnany, Kiran
Safe Parallelism for Servers
John Jannotti
Papamanthou, Charalampos
Cryptography for Efficiency: New Directions in Authenticated Data Structures
Roberto Tamassia
Rasin, Alexander
Design Tool for a Clustered Column-Store Database
Stan Zdonik
Yip, Yue Kwen Justin
The Length-Lex Representation for Constraint Programming over Sets
Pascal Van Hentenryck


Balan, Alexandru O.
Detailed Human Shape and Pose from Images
Michael Black
Grollman, Daniel H.
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Incremental Multimap Regression for Interactive Robot Learning from Demonstration
Chad Jenkins
Kupcu, Alptekin
Efficient Cryptography for the Next Generation Secure Cloud
Anna Lysyanskaya
Lease, Matthew
Beyond keywords: finding information more accurately and easily using natural language
Eugene Charniak
Lev, Yossi
Debugging and Profiling of Transactional Programs
Maurice Herlihy
McClosky, David
Any Domain Parsing: Automatic Domain Adaptation for Natural Language Parsing
Eugene Charniak
Naroditskiy, Victor
Select Problems at the Intersection of Computer Science and Economics
Amy Greenwald
Rachlin, Eric
Reliable Computing at the Nanoscale
John Savage


Ahmad, Yanif
Pulse: Database Support for Efficient Query Processing of Temporal Polynomial Models
Ugur Cetintemel
Ge, Tingjian
Query Processing on Uncertain Data
Stan Zdonik
Hwang, Jeong-Hyon
Fast and Highly-Available Stream Processing
Stan Zdonik
McCarthy, Jay
Static Analyses of Cryptographic Protocols
Shriram Krishnamurthi
Mercier, Luc
AMSAA: An Anticipatory Algorithm for Online Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization
Pascal Van Hentenryck
Papaemmanouil, Olga
An Extensible Overlay Infrastructure for Wide-Area Stream Processing and Dissemination
Ugur Cetintemel
Wicks, John R.
An Algorithm to Compute the Stochastically Stable Distribution of a Perturbed Markov Matrix
Amy Greenwald


Acevedo Feliz, Daniel
A Framework for the Perceptual Optimization of Multivalued Multilayered 2D Scientific Visualization Methods
David Laidlaw
Belenkiy, Mira
Sharing Secrets for Fun and Profit
Anna Lysyanskaya
Borradaile, Glencora
Exploiting Planarity for Network Flow and Connectivity Problems
Philip Klein
Cai, Lijuan
Multilabel Classification over Category Taxonomies
• Thomas Hofmann
Chase, Melissa
Efficient Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Privacy Applications
Anna Lysyanskaya
Cooper, Gregory H.
Integrating Dataflow Evaluation with a Practical Higher-Order Call-by-Value Language
Shriram Krishnamurthi
Eddon, Guy
Language Support and Compiler Optimizations for Object-Based Software Transactional Memory
Maurice Herlihy
Marks, Casey
No-Regret Learning and Game-Theoretic Equilibria
Amy Greenwald
Penso, Lucia Draque
Distributed Protocols Robust Against Malicious Attacks
Maurice Herlihy
Sigal, Leonid
Continuous-state Graphical Models for Object Localization, Pose Estimation and Tracking
Michael Black
Tenneson, Dana
Interpretation of Molecule Conformations from Drawn Diagrams
Andy van Dam
Yao, Danfeng
Privacy-Aware Authentication and Authorization in Trust Management
Roberto Tamassia


Andrews, Stuart
Learning from ambiguous examples
• Thomas Hofmann
Aron, Ionut
A unifying framework for modeling and solving optimization problems
Pascal Van Hentenryck
Karpenko, Olga
Algorithms and Interfaces for Sketch-Based 3D Modeling
John Hughes
Keefe, Daniel
Interactive 3D Drawing for Free-Form Modeling in Scientific Visualization and Art: Tools, Methodologies, and Theoretical Foundations
David Laidlaw
Marai, Georgeta-Elisabeta
Data-Driven Predictive Modeling of Diarthrodial Joints
David Laidlaw
Moscovich, Tomer
Principles and Applications of Multi-touch Interaction
John Hughes
Roth, Stefan
High-Order Markov Random Fields for Low-Level Vision
Michael Black
Tatbul, Emine Nesime
Load Shedding Techniques for Data Stream Management Systems
Stan Zdonik
Triandopoulos, Nikolaos
Efficient Data Authentication
Roberto Tamassia
Vergados, Ioannis
Simulated Annealing Based Local Search for Sport Scheduling Problems
Pascal Van Hentenryck
Wood, Frank
Nonparametric Bayesian Models for Neural Data
Michael Black
Zhang, Song
Revealing White Matter Fiber Structure with Diffusion Imaging
David Laidlaw


Anagnostopoulos, Aristidis
Probabilistic Techniques in the Analysis of Dynamic Processes
Eli Upfal
Genzel, Dmitriy
Creating Algorithms for Parsers and Taggers for Resource-Poor Languages Using a Related Resource-Rich Language
Eugene Charniak
Leach, Sonia
Informed Structural Priors for Bayesian Networks: Applications in Molecular Biology Using Heterogeneous Data Sources
Thomas Dean
McGuire, Morgan
Computational Videography with a Single Axis, Multi-Parameter Lens Camera
John Hughes
Sun, Ye
The Ballistic Protocol: Location-aware Distributed Cache Coherence in Metric-Space Networks
Maurice Herlihy
Xing, Ying
Load Management Techniques for Distributed Stream Processing
Stan Zdonik


Altun, Yasemin
Discriminative Methods for Label Sequence Learning
• Thomas Hofmann
Bent, Russell
Online Stochastic Optimization under Time Constraints
Pascal Van Hentenryck
Carney, Donald P.
Application-Aware Resource Scheduling
Stan Zdonik
Gondek, David
Non-Redundant Clustering
• Thomas Hofmann
Hall, Keith
Best-first Word-lattice Parsing: Techniques for integrated syntactic language modeling
• Mark Johnson
LaViola, Joseph
Mathematical Sketching: A New Approach to Creating and Exploring Dynamic Illustrations
Andy van Dam
Renieris, Emmanuel
A Research Framework for Software-Fault Localization Tools
Steve Reiss
Tsochantaridis, Ioannis
Support Vector Machine Learning for Interdependent and Structured Output Spaces
• Thomas Hofmann
Young, Joel
Exploiting the Structure of the Web for Spidering
Thomas Dean


Blaheta, Don
Function Tagging
Eugene Charniak


Fang, Anthony
Efficient Synthesis of Physically Valid Human Motion for Computer Animation
• Nancy Pollard
Heath, Samuel Aaron
An Optimal Method for DNA Sequencing by Hybridization
Franco Preparata
Kurien, James A.
Diagnosis and Planning With Resource Constraints
• Leslie Pack Kaelbling
Tirthapura, Srikanta
Distributed Queuing and Applications
Maurice Herlihy


Benjamin, Michael
Interval Programming: A Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Autonomous Vehicle Control
• Leslie Pack Kaelbling
Bridgeman, Stina
Techniques and Tools for Graph Drawing
Roberto Tamassia
Dollins, Steven
Modeling for the plausible emulation of large worlds
John Hughes
Ortiz, Luis
Selecting Approximately-optimal Actions
• Leslie Pack Kaelbling
Pandurangan, Gopal
Stochastic Analyses of Dynamic Computer Processes
Eli Upfal
Peshkin, Leonid
Reinforcement Learning by Policy Search
• Leslie Pack Kaelbling
Smart, William
Making Reinforcement Learning Work on Real Robots
• Leslie Pack Kaelbling


Caraballo, Sharon
Automatic Construction of a Hypernym-Labeled Noun Hierarchy from Text
Eugene Charniak
Kim, Kee-Eung
Representations and Algorithms for Large Stochastic Planning Problems
Thomas Dean
Vote, Eileen
A New Methodology for Archaeological Analysis: Using Visualization and Interaction to Explore Spatial Links in Excavation Data
David Laidlaw


Busch, Costas
A Study on Distributed Structures
Maurice Herlihy
Castanos, Jose
Parallel Adaptive Unstructured Computation
John Savage
Chatzi, Vasiliki
Integer-Coordinate Crystalline Meshes
Franco Preparata
Ge, Niyu
An Approach To Anaphoric Pronouns
Eugene Charniak
Markosian, Lee
Art-based Modeling and Rendering for Computer Graphics
John Hughes


Cherniack, Mitch
Building Query Optimizers with Combinators
Stan Zdonik
Michel, Laurent
LOCALIZER A Modeling Language for Local Search
Pascal Van Hentenryck
Murali, T.M.
Efficient Hidden-Surface Removal in Theory and in Practice
• Jeffrey Vitter
Shatkay, Hagit
Learning Models for Robot Navigation
• Leslie Pack Kaelbling


Acharya, Swarup
Broadcast Disks: Dissemination-based Data Management for Asymmetric Communication Environments
Stan Zdonik
Cassandra, Anthony Rocco
Exact and Approximate Algorithms for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
• Leslie Pack Kaelbling
Ramachandran, Viswanath
An Optimizing Compiler for CLP(RLin)
Pascal Van Hentenryck


Goldin, Dina Q.
Constraint Query Algebras
Stan Zdonik, Paris Kanellakis
Greenwald, Lloyd
Analysis and Design of On-line Decision-Making Solutions for Time-Critical Planning and Scheduling Under Uncertainty
Thomas Dean
Hoang, Dzung Tien
Fast and Efficient Algorithms for Text and Video Compression
• Jeffrey Vitter
Lin, Shieu-Hong
Exploiting Structure for Planning and Control
Thomas Dean
Lu, Hsueh-I
Efficient Approximation Algorithms for Some Semidefinite Programs
Philip Klein
Vengroff, Darren Erik
The Theory and Practice of I/O-Efficient Computation
• Jeffrey Vitter


Chiang, Yi-Jen
Dynamic and I/O-Efficient Algorithms for Computational Geometry and Graph Problems: Theoretical and Experimental Results
Roberto Tamassia
Garg, Ashim
Where to Draw the Line
Roberto Tamassia
Grimm, Cindy Marie
Modeling Surfaces of Arbitrary Topology Using Manifolds
John Hughes
Lin, Yi-Jing
Configuration Management in Terms of Logical Structures
Steve Reiss
Littman, Michael Lederman
Algorithms for Sequential Decision Making
• Leslie Pack Kaelbling
Subramanian, Bharathi
Expressing and Optimizing Queries Over Lists and Trees
Stan Zdonik


Camus, Theodore Armand
Real-Time Optical flow
Thomas Dean
Carroll, Glenn
Learning Probabilistic Grammars for Language Modeling
Eugene Charniak
Hubbard, Philip M.
Collision Detection for Interactive Graphics Applications
Kirman, Jak
Predicting Real-time Planner Performance by Domain Characterization
Thomas Dean
Krishnan, P
Online Prediction Algorithms for Databases and Operating Systems
• Jeffrey Vitter
Langworthy, David E.
On the use of Asynchrony in achieving Extensibility and High Performance in an object Storage System
Stan Zdonik
Ramaswamy, Sridhar
Indexing for Data Models With Classes and Constraints
• Paris Kanellakis
Sanders, Kathryn E.
CHIRON: Planning in an Open-Textured Domain
Thomas Dean
Subramanian, Sairam
Parallel and Dynamic Shortest-Path Algorithms for Sparse Graphs
Philip Klein


Hillebrand, Gerd G.
Finite Model Theory in the Simply Typed Lambda Calculus
• Paris Kanellakis
Ravi, Ramamurthy
Steiner Trees and Beyond: Approximation Algorithms for Network Design
Philip Klein


Bayse, Kenneth
A framework for map construction
Thomas Dean
Howard, Paul
The design and analysis of efficient lossless data compression systems
• Jeffrey Vitter
Meyers, Scott Douglas
Representing Software Systems in Multiple-View Development Environments
Steve Reiss
Mitchell, Gail Anne
Extensible Query Processing in an Object-Oriented Database
• Paris Kanellakis
Nodine, Mark Howard
Minimizing the Input/Output Bottleneck
• Jeffrey Vitter
Nodine, Marian
Interactions: Multidatabase support for planning applications
Stan Zdonik


Agrawal, Ajit Kumar
Network Design and Network Cut Dualities: Approximation Algorithms and Applications
Philip Klein
Cohen, Robert
Combine and Conquer
Roberto Tamassia
Kanazawa, Keiji
Reasoning about Time and Probability
Thomas Dean
Lin, Jyh-Han
Approximation algorithms and complexity results for machine learning
• Jeffrey Vitter
Santos Jr., Eugene
A Linear Constraint Satisfaction Approach for Abductive Reasoning
Eugene Charniak
Shimony, Solomon
A Probabilistic Framework for Explanation
Eugene Charniak
Shvartsman, Alexander Allister
Fault-Tolerant and Efficient Parallel Computation
• Paris Kanellakis


Boddy, Mark Steven
Solving Time-Dependent Problems: A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Planning in Dynamic Environments
Thomas Dean
Goldman, Robert
A Probabilistic Approach to Language Understanding
Eugene Charniak
Golin, Eric J.
A Method for the Specification and Parsing of Visual Languages
Steve Reiss
Harkness, Cheryl Lynn
An Approach to Uncertainty in VLSI Design
• Dan Lopresti
Hughey, Richard Paul
Programmable Systolic Arrays
• Dan Lopresti
Ravenscroft, Robert
Generating function algorithms for symbolic computation
John Savage
Revesz, Peter
Constraint query languages
• Paris Kanellakis
Skarra, Andrea
A model of concurrency control for cooperating transactions
Stan Zdonik
Stein, Lynn Andrea
Resolving Ambiguity in Nonmonotonic Reasoning
• Leora Morgenstern
Wloka, Markus
Parallel VLSI Synthesis
John Savage
Yen, Felix
CI2 -- A Logic for Plural Representation
Eugene Charniak


Calistri, Randall J.
Classifying and Detecting Plan-Based Misconceptions for Robust Plans
Eugene Charniak
Harper, Mary Patricia
The Representation of Noun Phrases in Logical Form
Eugene Charniak


Cook, William
A Denotational Semantics of Inheritance
• Peter Wegner
Manohar, Swaminathan
Supercomputing with VLSI
• Gerard Baudet
Rubin, Robert
A logical basis or programming by demonstration
Steve Reiss
Stasko, John
TANGO: a framework and system for algorithm animation
Steve Reiss


McCartney, Robert
Synthesizing Algorithms with Performance Constraints
Eugene Charniak
Strauss, Paul
BAGS: The Brown Animation Generation System
Andy van Dam


Brown, Marc
Algorithm animation
• Robert Sedgewick
Dalio, Brian
DECO: A hierarchical device compilation system
John Savage
Feiner, Steven
Computer generation of pictorial explanations
Andy van Dam


Hendler, James
Integrating Marker-Passing and Problem-Solving: a Spreading-Activation Approach to Improved Choice Planning
Eugene Charniak
Incerpi, Janet
A study of the worst-case of shellsort
• Robert Sedgewick


Chin, Wen
The design and analysis of coalesced hashing
• Jeffrey Vitter
Post, Mark
Ellipsoids and computational geometry
Steve Reiss


Giacalone, Allessandro
Algebraic definitions in programming environments
Thomas Doeppner
Hirst, Graeme
Semantic Interpretation Against Ambiguity
Eugene Charniak
Smolka, Scott
Analysis of communication finite-state processes
Thomas Doeppner, Paris Kanellakis


Bulterman, Dick
Animated abstractins for targe-architecture-independent system descriptions
Andy van Dam
Flanagan, Peter
A study of a discrete model of semantic learning
• Peter Wegner, Ulf Grenander
Wong, Douglas
On the Unification of Language Comprehension with Problem Solving
Eugene Charniak


Carlson, David
Time-Space and Size-Space Tradeoffs for Oblivious Computations
John Savage


Carlbom, Ingrid Birgitta
System Architecture for High-Performance Vector Graphics
Andy van Dam
DeNoia, Lynn
Performance and timeliness in a distributed database
Steve Reiss


Stankovic, Jack
Structured systems and their performance by improvement through vertical migration
Andy van Dam


Imber, Yehoshua
Analysis of decoder complexity
John Savage
Swamy, Sowmitri
On Space-Time Tradeoffs
John Savage


Buck-Lew, May-Iun
A choreographic notation
• Peter Wegner
Stockenburg, John
Optimization through migration of functions in a layered firmware-software system
Andy van Dam


Sayward, Fred
Correctness influenced design of parallel programming languages
• Peter Wegner
Thomas, Joseph
Module interconnection in programming systems supporting abstraction
• Peter Wegner


Lamagna, Edmund
The Complexity of Monotone Functions
John Savage
Stabler, George
A system for interconnected processing
Andy van Dam


Berry, Daniel
On the design and specification of the programming language oregano
• Peter Wegner


Bergeron, Daniel
A system for systems development
Andy van Dam
Fiduccia, Charles
On the design and specification of the programming language oregano
John Savage


Michener, James
A flowchart programming system
Andy van Dam


Strauss, Charles
3DPDP - A three-dimensional piping design program
Andy van Dam