Fifth Year and Masters Information

Staying a Fifth Year

There are options for those students who just can't get enough of Brown. A student earning an Sc.B. in one field (e.g. computer science) and an A.B. in another field (e.g. economics) is permitted to stay an extra year if needed to finish up concentration requirements. The student must pass a minimum of 38 courses. The student must declare intent by the fifth semester.

Another option is to earn a Master's degree.

Earning a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree

Brown has two programs under which an undergraduate can stay for a fifth year to earn a Master's degree.

The Five-Year Baccalaureate/Master's Degree program allows Brown students, after completing their Baccalaureate degree, to continue at Brown for a Master's degree and use courses taken while an undergraduate to satisfy some of their Master's course requirements. Students must apply for this program before they complete their undergraduate study. Of the eight courses required for the Master's degree, two may be completed while the student is an undergraduate, even if taken before the student was admitted to the Master's program. At least six semester courses must be taken while in residence as a graduate student at Brown University. Admission must be approved by the department in which the Master's degree is sought and by the Graduate School. While a student must be enrolled as an active undergraduate student at the time of application, admission to the graduate program can be deferred for up to two years with approval of the department.

The Concurrent Baccalaureate/Master's Degree program allows exceptionally capable students to combine their last year or two of undergraduate study with graduate study, resulting in the simultaneous completion of both a Baccalaureate degree and a Master's degree. Students must apply for this program during their junior year. Their applications must be first approved by the Committee on Academic Standing, which will ascertain that the student's academic performance has been outstanding and that the student's undergraduate program is sufficiently broad (normally meaning taking at least ten courses outside their fields of concentration). Applications then must be approved by the Graduate Council and the appropriate department, which may place additional requirements on admission to this special program. The candidate must complete a minimum of thirty-four courses within eight or nine semesters and complete the requirements of both the Baccalaureate degree and the Master's degree. No more than two courses may be used to satisfy both Baccalaureate concentration requirements and Master's requirements. The Computer Science Department permits only those students pursuing an ScB in any of its concentrations to obtain a concurrent Baccalaureate/Master's degree.

Application for 5th year Master's
Application for Concurrent Bachelor/Master's