Sunlab Consultants

The consultants support the machines and users in the Sunlab and the MSlab. The consultant on duty sits at 9a, the machine nearest the door when you enter the Sunlab.

In addition to providing day-to-day support, the consulting program maintains the ugrad tech guide and offers a series of minicourses at the beginning of each semester to educate users on various topics relating to the department computer system.

The user services coordinator and head consultant manage the Sunlab, MSlab, and the student consulting staff.

New consultants are hired for the following year each spring semester. Hiring is conducted by the user services coordinator and head consultant. Occasionally, if vacancies need to be filled, one or more additional consultants will be hired in December.

Consultant Hiring Schedule

We are now accepting applications for consultants for the 2014-2015 school year. The hiring schedule is as follows:

  • Applications open: Monday, March 10th
  • Applications close: Saturday, March 22nd

Please apply now!

Current Consultants

DJ Hoffman (Head Consultant)
Christine Chapman
Elyse McManus
Flora Jin
Huilian Qiu
Ning Hou
Alexander St. Laurent
Kenneth Micklas
Ryan Roelke
Katherine Ng
Robin Martens