The 29th IPP Symposium

Lottery Enterprise Open Systems Initiative at GTECH

Miroslaw Kula, Didier Vereque, GTECH Corporation

GTECH's new strategic direction is anchored in a number of macro-trends developing in information technology at large as well as in the technology and fundamental business conditions of GTECH's core business.

GTECH's next-generation transaction delivery and management system will rest on the existing secure online transaction processing system technology and will leverage the power of standard applications and communications to create new distribution opportunities while lowering total costs of ownership. It will integrate with retailer POS devices, e-tailing technologies, and enterprise business systems. And it will leverage the opportunities of IP-driven standards and provide access to services over multiple consumer- driven devices at a sustainable cost.

The presentation outlines the new company strategic vision, its technical manifestation, the known and new security challenges and what the company intends to do about them. The emphasis is on the peculiarities of the security domain as seen from the standpoint of the lottery business.