Course News

This page records course announcements.

9/20 - TA hours

On the course description page, each TA hour is marked with the name of the TA who is present during that session. If you want to discuss the way your homeworks were graded, please try to go to the hours held by the TA who did the grading. We can help you with more confidence and efficiency that way :)

Moreover, even though the TAs are excited about helping you with the coursework, you should come to the hours with specific questions. That is, you should tackle the questions first by yourself, and go to TA hours when all other tools failed (Google, Excel help, etc). We know it is tempting to just ask for help when you work in the MS lab and the TA is right next to you, but it is a vital skill to be able to figure things out using multiple resourses.

6/24 - Welcome to CS0931!

Please check out the course description! Previous offerings are also available at here.

If you have any questions regarding the course, please email cs0931tas[at]cs[dot]brown[dot]edu. (Substitute @ and . for [at] and [dot] for the real email address. This is a way of hiding the email from agents who work for the Matrix.)