Yarn is a realtime pinboard for groups of people to brainstorm, collaborate, and plan. My team of six won first place at the 2013 Winter SignalFire Hacker Olympics with this project, and with the help of some awesome Pinterest engineers. You can make a new Yarn here. Just share the unique URL to collaborate.

Check out my board on Stanley Park!

HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, Redis

Brown Food Trucks

Brown Food Trucks is a realtime webapp that gives users the most updated locations and tweets from our favorite food trucks close to Brown campus.

HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, Flask


Fonar is an iOS application that acts as an location-based alarm clock. It can be used to track either moving locations (like your friends) or static locations (like a train station). I made this application with 5 other teammates at the 2013 Fall SignalFire Hacker Olympics with the help of some engineers at Grid. We won 3rd place!

Objective C, Parse

Does it Fit?

Does it Fit is a web application aimed to help users to find the correct size when online shopping for clothes. We gather user-generated reviews and preferences for clothing in order to make recommendations on what size a user should buy.

Built over 24 hrs of no sleep at the 2013 Facebook Summer of Hack in Seattle with my lovely partner in crime Kidai Kwon.

HTML/CSS, Javascript, Zurb Foundation, Jinja2, postgreSQL