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Grunts to Control Computers

Takeo Igarashi, a postdoc in the Graphics Group here working with John Hughes, hit the worldwide news today. The BBC News Online, no less (, picked up a system he's to present at the ACM UIST (User Interface Software and Technology) conference in Orlando next month. What's more, (;mode=thread), which calls itself ``News for Nerds'' and is read, John Bazik says, by ``millions of geeks like me,'' just grabbed the story and featured it ...

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More ITRs!

NSF has awarded three more Information Technology Research (ITR) grants to researchers in this department.

First, Michael Black was granted $446K over three years for ``The Computer Science of Biologically Embedded Systems'', work done in conjunction with John Donoghue (Biomed-Neuroscience) and Lucien Bienenstock (Division of Applied Mathematics). Michael's abstract states, `` Biologically embedded systems that directly couple artificial computational devices with neural systems are emerging as a new area of information technology research. The physical structure and adaptability of the human brain make these biologically embedded systems quite different from computational systems typically studied in Computer Science.

``Fundamentally, biologically embedded ...

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