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Profs. Preparata and Tamassia Among Most Highly Cited Computer Scientists

Thomson Scientific, Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) has included Franco Preparata and Roberto Tamassia in the list of the most highly cited computer science authors worldwide, based on citations in venues indexed by ISI for the period 1981-1999. In the website, ISI features the "preeminent individual researchers in each of 21 subject categories who have demonstrated great influence in their field as measured by citations to their work--the intellectual debt acknowledged by their colleagues." For the field of computer science, the list contains 319 people. In addition to Brown CS faculty Franco and Roberto, the list ...

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InfoWorld Magazine features Conduit

Conduit, the alumni magazine produced by the Department of Computer Science, captivated columnist and Brown CS alumnus David Margulius for the “come-hither ... nature of its cover story, ‘CSI: Computer Science Investigations.’ Using blurry crime-scene photos and some hand-typed ransom-letter-like teaser copy, the cover resembled a TV-style case-file promo.” The columnist’s point: “Although much of IT is really cool – and we know that – you’ve got to sex it up a bit to appeal to a wider audience.”

Read the complete InfoWorld article at:

View the latest issue of Conduit ...

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Brown Scientists to Create New 3-D X-ray System

Brown University researchers are creating a technology that will allow doctors and scientists to do the seemingly impossible: See inside living humans and animals and watch their bones move in 3-D as they run, fly, jump, swim and slither. This high-resolution, high-speed imaging system will contribute to better treatments for knee, shoulder, wrist, and back injuries and help scientists understand the evolution of complex movements, from the flight of birds to the leap of frogs.

“This will be like having X-ray vision – you’ll be able to see through skin and muscle and watch a skeleton move in 3-D,” said ...

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Kathy Kirman Receives 2006 Property Management Award

Kathy Kirman, executive assistant to the Department’s technical staff (TSTAFF), was awarded a Brown University Certificate of Recognition for excellent performance in Departmental Property Management. Kirman, along with seven other Brown employees, were recognized for their efforts during the 2006 Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) Biennial Inventory, a ten-week project involving 137 academic and administrative departments. This is the first year Provost David Kertzer and Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration Elizabeth Huidekoper have awarded recognition to inventory participants.

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Meinolf Sellmann Awarded NSF CAREER grant for Cornflower Project

Meinolf Sellmann is the most recent junior faculty member to receive a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER grant for his Cornflower project proposal.

The Objective

The dawn of the new century casts light on three dramatic economic challenges that will determine our future as a society: demography, globalization, and shortage of natural resources. Today we need to develop the technology that will allow our children to maintain our standard of living. Therefore, we need to find ways to increase our economical efficiency. Computer science can play a decisive role when facing this challenge. After more than 60 years of research ...

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