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E.J. Kalafarski's Political Mapping Mashup Gets National Visibility


Master’s student E.J. Kalafarski is co-founder of Map the Candidates, an interactive map that uses the candidates' public schedules to keep track of their comings and goings. Map the Candidates tracks the presidential candidates as they campaign across the country via a Google Maps mashup which integrates YouTube video, timeline sliders, and local news feeds to bring the campaign events into an intuitive, customizable forum. E.J. and co-founder Chadwick Matlin believe the visual presentation and customizability of the data can help journalists and the average citizen get a feel for the trends of this campaign and what ...

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Cetintemel, Jannotti, and Taubin Receive Grant for Visual Sensor Networks

The National Science Foundation has awarded funding in the expected amount of $700,000 for research at Brown in the use of cooperative "Smart Cameras" to sense and act in three dimensions. These camera networks will be capable of tasks such as reconstructing three-dimensional features, producing images from novel viewpoints, and tracking moving objects from camera to camera. These tasks are more challenging than the simpler data collection tasks performed by existing sensor networks that operate simpler, scalar data. The planned imaging applications require high data rates, remote sensing, and precise calibration. To address these challenges, the project ...

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White House Honors Chad Jenkins


Brown University Assistant Professor of Computer Science Chad Jenkins was honored at the White House as one of the nation’s top young scientists. Jenkins was selected as one of the recipients of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) for his research on the development of methods for autonomous robot control and perception. His work advances the idea that robot control and computational perception are better learned from human demonstration rather than by explicit computer programming.

The PECASE program recognizes outstanding scientists and engineers who, early in their careers, show exceptional potential for leadership at the ...

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