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Eli Upfal Receives Faculty Research Grant from Yahoo! Research


Eli Upfal was awarded a research grant from Yahoo! for his research on "Rigorous and Efficient Statistical Tools for Large Data Sets."

This project focuses on developing rigorous statistical tools for processing and analyzing massive data sets. This work aims at enhancing and complementing the core experimental and heuristics work in machine learning and data mining. Rigorous statistical evaluation of discoveries is particularly important when analyzing relatively rare events in applications such as identifying system abnormalities, predicting system faults and fraud detection.

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Brown University and National University of Singapore Launch Second Concurrent Degree Program


Brown University and the National University of Singapore (NUS) have established a concurrent degree program in computer science. Participants are selected from the top ten percent of NUS computer science concentrators and on completion of the program, will concurrently receive degrees from NUS and Brown: a bachelor’s degree in computer science from NUS and a master’s degree in computer science from Brown.

This new program follows up the concurrent computational biology degree program, the first concurrent degree launched by Brown and NUS, which awards students a bachelor’s degree in computational biology from NUS and a master’s ...

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