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Ph.D. Students Connor Gramazio and Mark Leiserson Receive NSF Graduate Fellowships


Computer Science Ph.D. students Connor Gramazio and Mark Leiserson recently received fellowships from the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program, a prestigious and highly competitive program.

Connor Gramzaio is interested in researching interactive visualization, and how such systems can be used to explore and analyze the ever-increasing amount of data that surround us. He is currently developing a new indexing method for geospatial-temporal data to improve the scalability and efficiency of interactive visualization of such datasets. Connor will be advised by David Laidlaw.

Mark (Max) Leiserson is currently a PhD student in the department’s Center for ...

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Maurice Herlihy's Transactional Memory Research Put into Action with Intel's New Haswell Architecture


Maurice Herlihy "We always said that parallel machines with more than one processor were going to be important someday, but nobody knew when it would happen." Credit: Mike Cohea/Brown University

In 1993, Maurice Herlihy along with Eliot Moss of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst invented transactional memory in the paper: Transactional Memory: Architectural Support for Lock-Free Data Structures.

Transactional memory is a promising technique designed to make the creation of reliable multithreaded programs easier. It does this by using a transactional model wherein complex operations can be performed concurrently, in isolation from each other, with those operations either completing ...

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