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CS224 (Spring ’04) student papers won first prize, second prize, and one of the two undergrad research awards at the ACM SIGGRAPH ’04 Student Research Competition held in LA in early August. Two more CS224 student papers made it to the semifinals (25 semifinalists out of 118 accepted submissions). Morgan McGuire (G), Andi Fein (’04) and Colin Hartnett (’04) won first prize and a total of $750 for their paper “Real-Time Cartoon Rendering of Smoke”. Pawel Wrotek (’05), Alexander Rice (’05), and Morgan McGuire (G) won second prize and a total of $550 for their paper “Real-Time Bump Map Deformations.”

Gabriel Taubman (’05) and Edwin Chang (’05) won one of the two undergrad research awards and $500 for their paper "A Fast Fracture Method for Exploding Structures." The following grad students were awarded $250 per paper as semifinalists: Peter Sibley, Philip Montgomery and Liz Marai for their paper “Wang Cubes for Video Synthesis and Geometry Placement”; and Ethan Bromberg-Martin (ugrad ’05), Arni Jonsson, Liz Marai and Morgan McGuire for their paper “Hybrid Billboard Clouds for Model Simplification”. Congratulations are definitely in order to the grad TAs who taught CS224 under Andy van Dam’s direction: Tomer Moscovich, Liz Marai and Morgan McGuire—well done indeed!

Winners of ACM student research competitions held at ACM Special Interest Group conferences throughout the year (SIGGRAPH, SIGPLAN, SIGOPS and SIGCSE) will compete against each other in the ACM Grand Finals in early 2005. The winners of the Grand Finals will be recognized at the prestigious annual ACM Awards banquet.

Immediately before the conference Morgan McGuire also won a $25,000 fellowship from NVIDIA Corporation for his research on hardware accelerated graphics.

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