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PhD program in Computational Molecular Biology

The Center for Computational Molecular Biology and the Department of Computer Science are delighted to announce the new PhD program in Computational Molecular Biology. Applications for admission into this program are being accepted now. Current courses supporting the degree are in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Biological Sciences, and Chemistry.

The Center for Computational Molecular Biology (CCMB) at Brown is a world-class center for research and scholarship in this new discipline. CCMB’s central mission is to make breakthrough discoveries in the life sciences at the molecular and cellular level through the creative application of existing data-analytic methods, and to develop the novel computational, mathematical, and statistical technologies required to exploit the opportunities emerging from advances in genomics and proteomics.

The Center concentrates its efforts on a small number of fundamental biological themes: algorithmic methods and statistical inference in genomics, comparative genomics and evolution, gene regulatory networks, regulatory genomics, mathematical models of genetic variation, and cancer genomics. We focus on building truly interdisciplinary research teams with other multi- and transdisciplinary centers at Brown. Since sophisticated computational, mathematical and statistical technologies are imperative for the success of our goals, we develop such technologies in areas of our fundamental biological themes with the aim of generating testable predictions, capitalizing on expertise in these methodologies in the departments of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

Faculty members currently associated with CCMB are Alexander Brodsky, Assistant Professor of Medical Science; William Fairbrother, Assistant Professor of Biology; Sorin Istrail, Director; Julie Nguyen Brown Professor of Computer Science; Charles Lawrence, Director 2004-2006; Professor of Applied Mathematics; Franco Preparata, An Wang Professor of Computer Science; David Rand, Professor of Biology; Sohini Ramachandran, Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (to join Brown in July 2010); Benjamin Raphael, Assistant Professor of Computer Science; William Suggs, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Daniel Weinreich, Assistant Professor of Biology; and Zhijin (Jean) Wu, Assistant Professor of Medical Science.

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