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Eli Upfal Selected as Chalmers Jubilee Distinguished Visiting Professor

Eli Upfal was recently invited to serve as the Chalmers Jubilee Distinguished Visiting Professor for 2010. Chalmers is a Swedish university of technology in which research and teaching are conducted on a broad front within technology, natural science and architecture.

The Jubilee Distinguished Visiting Professor Chair was created by the Swedish government when Chalmers university celebrated its 150 year anniversary in 1979. To goal of the visiting chair is bring new skills to the University while strengthening international relations.

According to Eli, "I look forward to working on interesting research problems with Devdatt Dubhashi and his students. There are also exciting opportunities to create new collaborations. Chalmers has been one of the world's leaders in statistical research and I look forward to collaborating on new ways to integrate statistical concepts and methods in algorithmic research. This is especially useful in applications with large datasets, such as computational biology, web browsing and social networking.”

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