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PhD Student Carleton Coffrin Finalist in INFORMS Student Competition


This image depicts the deployment of Carleton's work in Los Alamos National Laboratory's Logi-Sims tool. The image presents the effects of hurricane landfall on Florida's south-east shore. The shaded-concentric lines indicate the hurricane's wind speed,

Carleton Coffrin, a Ph.D. student working with Pascal Van Hentenryck, was chosen as one of six finalists in the INFORMS 2010 Doing Good with Good OR Student Paper Competition for his work on “Strategic Planning for Disaster Recovery with Stochastic Last Mile Distribution”, which was presented this year as a paper in the Conference on Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research Techniques in Constraint Programming (CPAIOR) and as a poster in the Conference on Heath and Humanitarian Logistics.

Doing Good with Good OR-Student Competition is held each year to identify and honor outstanding projects in the field of operations research and the management sciences conducted by a student or student group that have a significant societal impact. The competition is based both on a written submission and a 25 minute talk. Carleton was recognized at the INFORMS 2010 Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas.

This work by Carleton in collaboration with Pascal and PhD alum Russell Bent has been deployed at Los Alamos National Laboratory as part of the LogiSim project and is being used to aid federal organizations such as DHS and DoE to prepare for and recover from national disasters.

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