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Brown Undergrads Receive Awards from CRA

Three Brown CS undergraduates have received Outstanding Undergraduate Awards the Computing Research Association's (CRA) annual competition. Pawel Wrotek '05 was selected as a Finalist in this competition, and Sarah Bell '05 and Michael Tschantz '05 received Honorable Mention.

In its email announcing these awards, the CRA says, "This year's nominees were a very impressive group. A number of them were commended for significant contributions to more than one research project, several were authors or coauthors on multiple papers, others had made presentations at major conferences, and some had produced software artifacts that were in successful use. It is quite an honor to be selected as one of the top members of this group."

Thank you, Pawel, Sarah and Michael, for your contributions to the department over the years, and congratulations to you all!

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