Doctoral Dissertations Advised by Michael Littman

A list of my graduated Ph.D. students.
Stephen Brawner (Brown, 2018) Algorithms for the Personalization of AI for Robots and the Smart Home Consulting independently. Was Heliotrope Energy.
Vukosi Marivate (Rutgers, 2014) Improved Empirical Methods in Reinforcement-Learning Evaluation Chair of Data Science, University of Pretoria (South Africa). Was employed on the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
Monica Babeș-Vroman (Rutgers, 2014) Maximum Likelihood Inverse Reinforcement Learning Not yet.
Sergiu Goschin (Rutgers, 2014, co-advised with Haym Hirsh) Stochastic Dilemmas: Foundations and Applications Engineer at Google NYC.
Ari Weinstein (Rutgers, 2013) Local Planning for Continuous Markov Decision Processes Researcher at Google Deep Mind. Was postdoc at Princeton University.
Michael Wunder (Rutgers, 2013, co-advised with Matthew Stone) Transferable Strategic Meta-Reasoning Models Engineer at Google NYC. Was engineer at Was engineer at Consumr.
John Asmuth (Rutgers, 2013) Model-based Bayesian Reinforcement Learning with Generalized Priors Engineer at Google NYC.
Ali Nouri (Rutgers, 2010) Efficient Model-based Exploration in Continuous State-space Environments Engineer at Google LAX. Was Solution Architect at Bank of America.
Carlos Diuk Wasser (Rutgers, 2010) An Object-oriented Representation for Efficient Reinforcement Learning Data Science team member at Facebook. Was postdoc at Princeton University.
Tom Walsh (Rutgers, 2010) Efficient Learning of Relational Models for Sequential Decision Making Engineer at Kronos. Was postdoctoral researcher with the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) at MIT. Was Research assistant with the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation (CETE) at the University of Kansas. Was researcher in Accenture. Was postdoc at the University of Arizona.
Lihong Li (Rutgers, 2009) A Unifying Framework for Computational Reinforcement Learning Theory Researcher at Google Cloud in Kirkland. Was researcher at Microsoft Research. Was researcher at Yahoo! Research.
Bethany Edmunds (nee Leffler) (Rutgers, 2008) Perception-Based Generalization in Model-Based Reinforcement Learning Professor at Northeastern Vancouver Campus. Was instructor at British Columbia Institute of Technology and technical director of Leffler Software Services.
Brian Russell (Rutgers, 2008, co-advised with Wade Trappe) Learning-based Route Management in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Lecturer at Rutgers University. Was AT&T Labs.
Alexander L. Strehl (Rutgers, 2007) Probably Approximately Correct (PAC) Exploration in Reinforcement Learning Researcher at Facebook.
Fancong Zeng (Rutgers, 2007) Just-in-time and Just-in-place Deadlock Resolution Software Engineer at Microsoft. Was Engineer at Amazon. Was engineer at Citigroup. Was engineer at Microsoft.
Stephen Michael Majercik [NASA Fellow] (Duke, 2000) Planning Under Uncertainty via Stochastic Satisfiability Associate Professor of Computer Science at Bowdoin.
Fan Jiang (Duke, 2000) Matrix Computations for Query Expansion in Information Retrieval Developer at Virtu Financial. Was developer at Getco LLC. Was employee at Blue Capital Group.